Meet the Makers - Bali

June 01, 2018

Meet the Makers - Bali

Amai Jewellery is committed to the ethical sourcing of our products and we work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers. Our strong relationship ensures that they adhere to our code of conduct, which outlines strict standards of business behaviour and human rights.

Amai Jewellery partners with an ethical local Balinese family run silversmith business. When we were first introduced to our silversmiths, we were very excited to have such a passionate and creative family as part of our team.

We’ve spent much time with them on the factory floor in Bali and it's always been such an honour to watch their skill and craftsmanship at work. 

We both believe that workers lives can be improved when employed in an ethical workplace and, because of this, we are very proud of this partnership.

Here are some photos from our factory in Bali. We will continue to seek ways to 
positively impact our planet and it’s people, across all our Amai business practices. 

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