Inspired by Bali and its time-honoured jewellery-making traditions all our jewellery is handcrafted. Mostly we use hand carved wax moulds of the original design. This process alone takes complete dedication and a lot of hours! After this process we hand finish pieces through casting, cutting, polishing, plating welding or soldering. Our jewellery is then quality tested at the Goldsmith’s Company Assay Office in London ensuring that each piece meets the highest of standards and is ready for its new owner.

Necklace Measurements

Please use the image as a guide for necklace drop. Most of our designs come with adjustable 5cm chain lengths, please see the product’s details for individual information:



Ring Measurements 

If you are unsure of your ring size we suggest using a ring which you currently own and that properly fits the intended finger as a guide. Measure the inside diameter of the ring and use the table below. If the ring falls between two sizes then we suggest buying the larger size:


Size Diameter UK & Australia Europe USA
Extra Small 15.4mm J 49 5
Small 16.4mm L 51 6
Medium 17.2mm N 54 7
Large 18mm P 56 8


Bangle Measurements

The measurements below indicate the inside diameter of the bangle, bring your thumb and little finger together and ensure you measure where your hand is the widest:


Size  Diameter
Small 6cm
Medium 6.3cm
Large 6.5cm